Goa Villa Holiday

Goa Villa Holiday is a unit of RT Hospitality Services LLP. We offer some of the most beautiful villas, serviced apartments, hotels, travel and hospitality related services in Goa. We strive to provide the experience of Goan warmth and hospitality across basic and more luxurious environments.

As the most popular beach holiday destination in India, many visitors to the sunshine state may not be aware that there are a variety of villa and apartment accommodations available, besides conventional starred resorts. Villas and apartments offer an even more comfortable setting and privacy for a group of friends, families or couples than a luxury resort.

In Goa, villa stays are getting more popular as many tourists prefer a more homely space to relax and unwind. Some of these villas have the personalised design touch of the families who own them. So it truly feels like you are living in a home, away from your own.

Your search for villa accommodation ends here!

We have a range of villas and apartments available for longterm and short term rentals, located in the beach belt across Goa. We offer our clients an opportunity to experience a different Goa than the regular hotel and resort life. Our self-contained villas extend every convenience like laundry, maid facilities and concierge services so you can get the peace of mind you and your loved ones are looking for, when on a well deserved break in Goa.

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